Top of the Week: 1.3.2014

This is the first of my weekly favorite things series. I’m not claiming to be Oprah or even entertain the thought of anyone caring, this is just a thing to do.

So for the first week of 2014, let’s go!

#1. Sweet tea.

The town I go to school in has disgusting water. Therefore, the tea made with it is disgusting. And since I come from a town that is named for its water, I’m a bit tea-spoiled to begin with. So when I go home, I consume gallons of the stuff. Now that a new semester is looming, I’m grasping at every sip I can get.

#2. CassJayTuck

Cassidy Jay Tuck is a youtuber that posts book, movie, and trailer reviews/reactions as well as blogs. I adore her. I spent a good two hours between typing this post by watching random videos of hers. Productivity, who needs ya? She’s smart, articulate, entertaining, and so very watchable. It feels more like a conversation with a friend than a book review. Just…I cannot love her enough. Brilliant.

#3. Snoopy’s Candy Town

This is a free app on my iPod Touch that I immediately got addicted to playing. If you play it the way I started, it feels incredibly fast-paced. I thought that there were levels in the way that other games of this sort have them: You have a certain block of time to please a certain number of customers. Instead, it’s more of a constant line of customers while you level up in experience. It’s important to know this before you start, because it’s not explained. But it’s just a fun, kill some time game. Or for me, a fun, avoid responsibilities game. Whatevs.

That’s all for this week! Check in January 10th for the next Top of The Week!



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