Top of the Week: 4.5.2014

I know, I know…I haven’t posted in way too long. I could use excuses, but I’m honestly just too lazy to update. My bad! But here’s the newest top of the week, Spring Edition!


I know everyone loves flowers in spring, but my love is boarding on a problem. How can I be expected to focus during a boring lecture when there are flowers all over pinterest? Or not doodle my dream garden in the margins of my notes? I want to go out in this great weather and gather up the gorgeous flowers to cover my room so I can live among them! But I don’t think my roommate would love that…

My favorites right now (including but not limited to): Mini roses, peonies, hydrangeas, lavender, mini carnations (esp white- they mean ‘sweet and lovely’), and wildflowers. I am loving wildflower bouquets right now. Especially wrapped in brown paper – gorgeous and simple. Yes please!

2. Sewing

I recently busted out my sewing machine to make a couple new bags and a giant tote. The latter still needs to be finished, but I am 100% in love with my last bag. Super cute and colorful (for spring, obs.) and perfect for class. My sister wants me to make one for her, so I’m going to use that for a tutorial when she picks her fabrics and they arrive. I used a tutorial from pinterest that didn’t end up being the size I wanted, plus I messed up a lot and made some changes for my version. But the original is super cute and if I didn’t need a bigger one, I would have kept it as is. The tutorial, made by Cheri at I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar, is super clear and very easy to understand. I love how she explains things and cannot wait to tackle another project by her! I’m looking at you, Granny Chic Tote!

3. Cinnamon

Starting with my recent decision to rewatch Once Upon A Time, I started craving cinnamon in everything. Henry, Emma, and Mary Margret all take their hot cocoa with cinnamon and it is delicious! So naturally, I kept adding it to things – hot tea, waffles, graham crackers, anything! A hint of fall in my springy weather is something I will never turn down. I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to my scarves yet.

That’s all for this week! I’m going to be posting some book reviews I’ve been slacking on and maybe a couple of tutorials and/or recipes (like my favorite hot cocoa) next week, so stay tuned!




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