Super Saturday – Craft Tutorial: Starry Sky Canvas

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first Super Saturday! Today I wanted to do a craft and since The Fault in Our Stars is so big right now, I wanted to do something with that.

Anyone who knows me more than a little bit knows what a sucker I am for stars and fireflies. I love dark spaces with bits of light peeking through. Unfortunately for me (and Pharrell), rooms without roofs are not great in the long run. But a little bit of painting and poking fixes that problem right up!


– canvas
– dark paint (I’m using black and dark blue)
– paintbrush
– x-acto knife or box cutter
– Christmas lights

Step 1: Gather Materials

 2014-06-14 20.35.00

Step 2: Paint canvas to desired color and let it dry. (I watch The Office to make time go faster.)

2014-06-14 21.32.47

Step 3: Make tiny X marks in your canvas with the x-acto knife, wherever you want your stars to be. I turned the canvas over, broke it up into eight sections, and made random dots all over. Then, holding the canvas up, poke the knife through gently.

 2014-06-14 21.46.362014-06-14 21.46.44

Step 4: Poke lights in through the back of the canvas.

2014-06-14 21.55.042014-06-14 21.55.16

 5: Hang and plug in!

2014-06-14 21.56.14

Ta da!! Isn’t that lovely? I can’t wait to make more and get a starry wall thing going on! I may try to make one with my favorite constellations next! I can’t wait to get home and make a place for this on my wall so I can really see it in action.


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