Favorite Things Friday 6.27.2014

Hey y’all! This is going to be a short post because I am EXHAUSTED. While I haven’t been super productive this week, I feel like I’ve been running constantly. Maybe because this was one hot and humid week down in Tejas. Who knows? One thing I’m sure of though? My first favorite things is…

1. The Weekend! 

Ahh, the two days each week where I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything. I mean, I am going to be somewhere and do things. But I don’t have to do so. Ja feel? I can’t believe I just said that. Please don’t unfollow me. It won’t happen again, I promise!

2. My New Desk

I’ve been rambling about this thing to anyone that will listen to me, but I mean come on! Look at this beauty!

I can’t stop thinking about it! Ahh!

3. Cardigans

I know I said that it’s been crazy hot, and it has. But I’m a girl that loves her layers and my cardigans have been getting a workout lately. Yeah, I come home and through them into my laundry basket after wiping sweat from my forehead, but they’re so comfy and they make me feel so put together! Oh, cardigans. Never stop being adorable.

4. Headbands

They just look super cute with my new haircut, and I haven’t worn them in too long. Today was my favorite – ivory with grey text and a bow. How adorbs is that? Totes adorbs.

That’s all for this week! Thanks for visiting my blog and make sure to tune in tomorrow for my review of Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson!



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