Favorite Things Friday 08.15.2014

Hey everyone! It’s been a long, exhausting week over here and I am ready to be done. But some good stuff happened this week! Let’s recap.

1. Firefly
I decided to rewatch this amazing series and I’m so glad I did! It’s so amazing and I think I’m going to start rewatching Doctor Who next. Speaking of visiting old favorites…

2. Harry Potter
I also wanted to reread the books, but wasn’t sure on if I was ready for that time commitment. I started reading and was immediately sucked back in. I can’t wait to keep reading once I have more energy: as I type, I’m laying in bed barely looking at the screen my eyes are so tired. The story just captures me and I didn’t know how much I truly missed it. And speaking of missing…

3. Catching Up With Old Friends
Yesterday I got to skype with one of the awesome bloggers from Of Spectacles and Books, Amanda! We met at college a few years ago and she’s so much fun to talk to, you guys. You have to check out the blog she runs with her sister – it’s part of the reason I decided to start blogging! So read some of her and Addison’s posts; I promise you’ll love the site!

4. Sweet tea
As always, this is something I need after a long day. Today, I got a gallon. Let’s see how long it lasts…

5. New Sleep Schedules
I realized I was way too exhausted during the day and I made a change to fix it. I’ve been telling people good night by 11:30 and shutting off all connections so I’ll sleep earlier and wake up with some time to relax before work. It’s been great! Mornings are much more bearable and I save money by eating cereal at home instead of grabbing a sausage biscuit on a breakfast run for co-workers. Hopefully I can add some exercise to the mix and work off said biscuits!

While my work week isn’t over yet, I’ve gotten a ton of stuff done and I feel a lot better about many things. How has your week gone? Did you get anything from your Make It Happen Monday list done? I didn’t really…but I still have tomorrow! Sound off in the comments and catch me up!


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