Favorite Things Friday 08.22.2014

Hey guys! How are y’all doing? Hopefully super awesome! I got a good bit done this week, so let’s check out how I did on my Make It Happen Monday list. 

1. Get rest of textbooks
2. Find out where my on-campus class is located
3. Make the map letters for Sis
4. Get Hogwarts house crests painted
5. Finish HPatSS

I didn’t get a lot done on what I intended, but I did finish HPatCoS, sent 4 care packages, and got my internet fixed! I ended up unable to get to campus to find my class and get books because of a crazy week, but now it’s scheduled for Monday when I’m off. I still have a few map letters to make, but I’m missing one anyways. I should have it today and I’ll finish this weekend! Speaking of weekend, let’s talk about other awesome things. 

1. The Harry Potter Series

I recently started to reread the series and I forgot how much I love it! It feels like I’m rediscovering the books and that is an amazing feeling. Starting PoA today!

2. Melissa Joan Hart

I started watching Melissa and Joey on a whim and it’s really cute! An easy watch, if you don’t mind Joe’s hair changing every episode…

3. New internet!!!

MY INTERNET IS FIXED AND SUPER SPEEDY! Before, only one person could use the internet and even then it was awful. Now? I’m watching netflix while skyping and checking facebook at the same time my mom is doing research. What what?! It’s awesome and I’m still not used to it. 

4. Care Packages

I sent four small packages to my friends, coworkers, and boyfriend. I love sending mail! My next round of packages are going to be more elaborate, so I’m excited to start making them for October/Fall. 

What made your week awesome? Let me know in the comments!


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