Make It Happen Monday 09.01.14

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I know we’re entering our last few hours of freedom before a short work week starts, but I hope you had a great and relaxing weekend. I was pretty productive!

1. Get hanging board finished
2. Finish GoF
3. Finish OotP
4. Paint HP characters
5. Decorate and hang new mirror
6. Finish potions cabinet
7. Get all schoolwork done
8. Jump rope three times this week   {  1    2    3  }
9. Prepare bridal shower gift
10. Put away all laundry
11. Change wall letters
12. Decorate catch-all tray

As you can see, I’ve already been very productive! Not only have I already crossed off four things, but I’ve gotten quite a few steps done on five others! For example, I only have 2 characters left to paint and I’ve already painted the wood board for my hanging board! There will be a tutorial for that when I’m done, and on the 8th there will be an author interview with the wonderful writer of The Confessions of Jonathan Flite, Matthew Beier! Get excited about that!

You might be wondering what the HP characters and potions cabinet are for. A few summers ago I found an unpainted wooden castle/dollhouse at Michael’s and knew it was going to be my summer project. However, I think that was the summer I started college, so not a lot of time went towards crafting. I found the partially painted castle in my closet a few weeks ago and my resolve was renewed. Here’s what’s done so far…

The castle painted and labeled as to what will be where.


And the potions cabinet.

Potions Cabinet

Here’s also a look at my new mirror! It’s just one of those $5 full length mirrors at Walmart, but the blue is lovely and perfect for my new color scheme.

Mirror Flowers


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