Make It Happen Monday 09.08.14

Happy new week everyone! I hope it’s been a great and relaxing weekend fo y’all so you’re ready to get back to work! I’ve had a very productive weekend (made much easier by the fact that I now have a three day weekend every week! Have I mentioned I love working at the bookstore?  l love working at the bookstore.) Let’s see how I fared with last week’s list:

1. Get hanging board finished
2. Finish GoF
3. Finish OotP
4. Paint HP characters
5. Decorate and hang new mirror
6. Finish potions cabinet
7. Get all schoolwork done

8. Jump rope three times this week   {  1    2    3  }
9. Prepare bridal shower gift
10. Put away all laundry
11. Change wall letters
12. Decorate catch-all tray

I only got two other things done, but that was because I decided to participate in a craft fair!! I’m super excited and I’ve been working on it all week and weekend. I mean, look at the state of my room mid-crafting, before I cleaned and organized today.

2014-09-08 20.33.11
2014-09-08 20.33.022014-09-08 20.33.06

I know!! Terrible. I couldn’t stand it. So I broke out my rainbow cart and got all my projects sorted into drawers, so now it looks so much better! See?

2014-09-08 20.19.32

2014-09-08 20.19.52

Ahh, I can breath again! Now let’s see what else needs to get done this week.

1. Clean room
2. Do all laundry
3. Actually put away all laundry this time
4. Organize craft projects
5. Get stuff for lunches this week
6. Finish GoF please
7. Get 5 stationary sets done
8. Paint frame
9. Make a deposit
10. Have three healthy days
11. Do one sewing project
12. Schoolwork: Ch 3-4 of Hist, Ch 2 of Govt, Ch 1-3 of Kine

Busy week ahead! But since most of it is crafting and reading, I’m pretty excited to knock this stuff off!

So, as always, let me know in the comments: What do you want to get done this week? What have you already knocked off the list? Or are you looking forward to a super relaxing week with nothing to get done? Happy week!



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