Favorite Things Friday 10.10.14

Hey y’all! Hope you had a fun week! This is going to be a quick post because I have a bit of work to do, but here are the bright spots of this week:

1. Finishing a big assignment

You know when you have a paper or project due and it just hovers over you until you turn it in? I love that freeing feeling afterwards! I feel like I can watch netflix for hours, read anything I want, craft all day! I’ve earned it! It’s wonderful!

2. Emma Approved

This is an adorable interpretation of Emma by Jane Austen, and I recently started catching up. It’s so cute and fun, making for a great way to fill half an hour between tasks. Here‘s the youtube playlist of the episodes so far, and make sure to check out their other Austen-inspired web series (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries) and their new Frankenstein, M.D.!

3. The Gilmore Girls

I have never seen this show before! When I heard it was going to be on netflix starting this month, I knew I had to try it out. It’s delightful! I love seeing baby Jared Padalecki and Alexis Bledel. Also, their constant trips to Luke’s have had me running to get burgers ALL WEEK.

That’s all for Favorite Things Friday! Let me know if we have any in common, if you’ve turned in some work, or if you have an opinion on Emma Approved or Gilmore Girls!

Have a great week y’all!!


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