Make It Happen Monday 10.20.14

Sorry for the late posting, but it’s been a crazy day! Let’s see how I did on last week’s list.

1. Make cookie and ears for costume
2. Make muffin and antlers for sister’s costume
3. Shelve the books by/on the front desk
4. History Quiz
5. Govt Quiz
6. Clean room
7. Finish paper ornament balls
8. Make five scarves
9. Keep eating better
10. Send author interview questions
11. Catch up on kine homework and class

I no longer need to make my costume since I can’t find overalls, so instead of being Give A Mouse a Cookie, I’m going to be Liesel from The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak! I need to make my sister’s stuff, though. School work was more intense this time around, so I didn’t get all the shelving done that I wanted. I’ll work on that tomorrow. As well as…

1. Govt quiz
2. Hist quiz
3. Kine labs and fitness center report
4. Study for Kine midterm
5. Shelve all books that come in on trades, as well as fifty more a day
6. Clean room
7. Put away laundry
8. Make two more scarves
9. Put together Liesel costume
10. Embroider fabric for constellation scarf
11. Finish silverware
12. Finish chamdelier

Busy week! But my craft fair is approaching and I am nowhere near ready! What are you working on? Any big events coming up? Or are you enjoying a restful week ahead? Let me know in the comments!


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