What’s Up Wednesday 11.12.14

Hey y’all! Hope you’re having a great week so far! I’m counting down the days to Saturday, when I get to hop a plane and go see my boyfriend for a couple of days for his birthday!!! I haven’t gotten to see him since June, and I only get to see him now because his mom bought me a plane ticket for his present. I cannot thank her enough!! This will only be the fifth time we’ve gotten to see each other in our 1 year and 5 month relationship (and two year friendship). I am so psyched!!

Also something I’m psyched about: my amazing and totally unexpected birthday/part of Christmas gift from my mom: a Cricut Expressions 2!! I’ve been having so much fun with it and can’t wait to make the decor for my room after next week.

Next week, which I was hoping would be relaxing, will not be. I have a writing assignment and two tests due, on top of my usual batch of school work. Not a fun time. I already have 4 of my 11 sources done, and it won’t take me but an hour or less to do the rest of them. Then I have to write a three page paper on the four best ones and why the others aren’t as useful. I’m hoping my history teacher has opened the quiz for next week already so I can get this week and next done before my trip and have one less thing to worry about.

Even though I’ve known this trip has been happening for a long time, I feel like it’s suddenly rushing up on me and I don’t have much time to get stuff done: I want to get the birthday gift for one of Josh’s friends done so I can take it to her, as well as trying to plan for the radically cold weather that I’ve never had to endure before. So much to do! (I say while laying in bed.) I’m probably going to finish one last episode of Grey’s Anatomy before getting back to work on my writing assignment, so this will be see you later.

Tell me what you’re up to this week! Have anything exciting going on? Or do you have a lovely relaxing week ahead of you? Either way, hope it’s a great time!



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