Craft Tutorial: Paint Chip Garland

Hey y’all! I told you I was going to have more crafts ready! Here’s another one from last semester that can easily be adapted to any color scheme or theme you have going on! I know, I know, it’s yet another paint chip craft, like there aren’t enough on Pinterest. But this one gives such a cute little touch with minimal paint chips, so you don’t have to feel like you’re robbing the hardware section.

Step 1: Gather Materials

-string or twine
-paint chips (I used 4 strips of 7 colors)

2014-02-18 20.30.50

Step 2: Cut paint chips into size you want. I just cut the white dividers out.

2014-02-18 20.44.55

Step 3: Trace and cut out a triangle shape at the bottom of the rectangle.

2014-02-18 21.12.32

Step 4: Align the rectangles on a piece of string or twine. I spaced them evenly by putting three side by side, then removing the middle one. Repeat until all are placed on the twine. I suggest taping as you go so you don’t budge them out of place.

2014-02-18 21.57.46

Step 6: Cut string off of spool and hang up!

2014-02-18 22.20.36

I hung mine above my whiteboard in my dorm room, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! I know the purple is a little low, but I fixed that! I loved the touch of spring color it gave to the plain walls.

If you decide to make a paint chip garland, I would love to see how it came out!



5 thoughts on “Craft Tutorial: Paint Chip Garland

    • I didn’t even think of that! I’ll definitely be adding that to my mail ideas! Please let me know if you decide to use this tutorial and let me know how you found your way over to Booky Bunny. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting!


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