What’s Up Wednesday: 12.31.14

Hey y’all! I hope you had an amazing holiday season with your family and friends! I had a spectacular Christmas, thanks to my secret-keeping family. If you know me IRL, you know that I had a really bad wreck a couple of years ago and have needed a new car.  Being a college student, it’s hard to support yourself and save up when you can’t work a lot of hours or you’re not paid much. I’m not the best money saver (you know how tempting new books are!), but I’ve been working on cutting back on superfluous expenses. As it turns out, my dad found a car and has been working on it since June to get it up to wonderful running order, and I have a car!!!

2014-12-25 11.26.59

He’s a 2000 black Honda Civic coupe named Casey Boleyn Wyatt (John Casey from Chuck, Anne Boleyn, and Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec). I love him!! I’m still in a bit of shock, but with the title and insurance looming over my head, there’s no time for it. I’m almost done with the paperwork and will hopefully be going to the office today to submit everything.

 In crafty news, I recently reupholstered my chair!! It’s so cute I can’t stop smiling when I look at it! I used navy cotton fabric with white polka dots. Perfect!!

2014-12-24 18.55.06-1

I am also currently typing this post while my boyfriend is snooze-a-roo in my sister’s old bedroom. I’ve casually mentioned him in posts before, but if you didn’t know: I’m in a long distance relationship. Josh lives in North Dakota and goes to school in Minnesota, while I’m a born and raised Texan. We only get to see each other 2-3 times a year, so it can be very difficult. But both of us are pretty independent people so it’s not too terrible most of the time. He gets to stay here with me from December 27 to January 9, almost two weeks!! I won’t be going to see him until August, so we’re trying to make time count and spend lots of time together. I’ve loved getting to show him little hole in the wall restaurants in my small town and introduce him to friends and family! It’s so wonderful having him around. I’m going to be so tired when he leaves because he does tons of favors for me: Josh, can you carry me to my room? I’m too sleepy to move. Can you tuck me in? Can you put The Paradise on my laptop? Can you turn me over? Can you plug in my phone? I’m the worst. I think he loves it, though. He can’t stop laughing and smiling at me.

 What I’m Reading: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han (finally!)

Those are my big news items for this week! Next week, the boyfriend and I will be working at the bookstore together, so hopefully we can get a lot of organizing done. Sound off in the comments and tell me what you’re up to this week and what you’re doing to kick off the new year tonight!



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