Make it Happen Monday 2.09.15

I decided to take last week off because I wasn’t feeling too healthy and if I can’t rest a sickness off immediately, it sticks around for a month. So now I’m back and good as new! I’m ready to have a productive week and get stuff done, such as…

1. Catch up on blog posts
2. Finish Open When letters
3. Send Josh’s Valentine’s box
4. Do Laundry
5. Play Just Dance 2 Every day for at least 45 minutes
6. Go to sign class
7. Finish Pledged
8. Look over reading challenge
9. Plan road trip next weekend
10. Catch up on Hogwarts coursework

I’m trying to keep it fairly easy this week so I don’t strain myself, but I don’t like having nothing to do all the time. Let’s hope I can knock everything of this list!



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