Top Ten Tuesday: Likes/Dislikes About Romance

As always, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the delightful darlings at Broke and Bookish.

I’m a pretty big fan of the romantic YA novel, but I can also be pretty picky about what I read. While these aren’t necessarily deal breakers, they don’t make me eager to read more.


1. Insta-love

Does anyone like this? Aren’t we all sick of this?

2. Love triangles with an obvious choice

I don’t really mind a love triangle, but it has to be well done. The two that come to mind with this are Hunger Games and the Selection. Two of my favorite trilogies, but irritating in this way. SPOILERS AHEAD: 

Are we supposed to be surprised when Katniss picks Peeta and America picks Maxon? Gale was never an option, as Katniss says on multiple occasions. As for Aspen, I never felt the chemistry there. Maybe if we had more time with him and America as a couple before he leaves her, I would feel more drawn. Instead, I just get so irritated with him for getting in the way of Maxamerica and endangering everyone. GTFO, ASPEN!


3. Downplaying an issue or not doing more with it

In this case, I’m looking at 17 First Kisses. It dealt with an emotionally abusive relationship that was actually called out as one, but the author kind of just let it fall pretty quickly. If she had worked in the manipulation used to make the victim stay, showed how hard it is to break free, made a bigger deal out of what was going on, it would have been a much better book. Unfortunately, it seemed like the author just got sick of writing this book after a while, took an afternoon to finish it up, and sent it to the publisher. If you’re going to incorporate an issue, PLEASE DO IT COMPLETELY. Don’t just put it in there as a way to show that he’s not a good guy and friendship is forever. Ugh.

4. Miscommunication

This is seriously the easiest problem for people in relationship to fix.  JUST FREAKING TALK TO EACH OTHER. I don’t want to hear my friends complain about it, I don’t want to see it in tv shows or movies, and I definitely don’t want to waste my time reading about it.

5. Someone changing the other or having to change to get the other

Unless these are changes like being less judgmental or being more patient, I don’t want to see it. If you have to lose weight, change beliefs, or participate in activities you loathe just to get a relationship, it’s not a relationship you need. Love yourself before you love someone else.

6. People who go from relationship to relationship with no breaks and wonder why it doesn’t work out

This is a pet peeve in every aspect of my life. I learned this lesson the hard way, so please listen: Until you can be happy on your own, you will not selflessly love someone else. If you are in a relationship just to be in one, it’s selfish. It’s a hard truth, but it’s truth nonetheless. I think everyone should be single for at least a year, because it teaches you to have fun on your own, how to survive long nights without a warm body to distract you, and to find the things that YOU love for your own enjoyment. When I see characters acting like being single is the end all, be all of their life, it drives me crazy and makes me want to shake some sense into them.


7. People that hate each other falling in love

Elizabeth and Darcy, anyone? Swoon.

8. Banter (the right amount)

Witty banter is so much fun to read. But when there’s too much, it’s hard to believe. Perfect Couple by Jennifer Echols was a great balance of banter and real conversations.

9. So-and-So Next Door

SO CUTE. My Life Next Door is one of my favorites forever for this exact reason. Give me ALL of the love next door books, please!

10. Travel Love 

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, In The Bag, Anna and the French Kiss, Just One Day, I could go on forever with books that involve travelers finding love. IT IS THE BEST.


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