Bookworm Quirks: How Harry Potter Ruined Me for Other Fantasies, or, What the English Language and The Wizarding World Have in Common

This is the first in my new feature, Bookworm Quirks. This week is how a book has ruined a genre for you. If you’d like to join in on the fun, either leave a comment with the link to your post or email me at and I’ll add the link to end the of this post. Thanks for reading!

As anyone that has ever met me can tell you, I love the English language. I’m wonderful at spelling, I love learning all the little tricks and complexities of grammar, and I try to avoid ending a written sentence with a preposition at all costs. Though sometimes I don’t realize I’m about to. 😉

Because of this, I’m really terrible at other languages. I’ve delved so deeply into English that the thought of starting over in another language just exhausts me. Nothing sticks and everything sucks (especially my accent). Though I’m about to start learning to sign, I’ve never had any luck with a language besides English, no matter how much I want to learn.

This is exactly my relationship with Harry Potter. I love the Wizarding World. I love all the little hidden gems JKR has left for fans, I love the intricate back-stories of all the characters, I love finding out new canons for every little facet of the realm. My boyfriend jokes that when it comes to Harry Potter, I can truly say that I’ve forgotten more than most people ever know. And because of that, other modern fantasy books just don’t excite me.

Draco Reading Something Odd

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the genre and I still really like some other books in it, such as Percy Jackson. But the problem is that my childhood, like many others my age, was and is defined by those seven magical books and all works inspired by them. I’ll never know another character as deeply as I know Draco Malfoy, or long to give pep talks to a different outsider like Neville Longbottom, or idolize someone as much of a BAMF as Hermione Freakin’ Granger.

What I’m wondering, dear readers, is this: Has a book/series had this kind of an effect on you? Did you overcome it? How?! Let me know, friends. Your girl needs some help.



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