Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Problems

As always, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the marvelous maids over at the Broke and the Bookish

1. Not enough room.

No No No No Come On

Seriously. Don’t we all have this problem?

2. Not enough money

Give It To Me Now

Amazing new books coming out every ten seconds?! Should I save up to buy them all, or to get an apartment that can hold them all?

3. Not enough time

Look At Your Life. Look At Your Choices.

If I stopped watching Netflix all the time, I wouldn’t have this complaint. But I have to keep up on my shows!

4. Too many books I’ll probably never read

Draco Reading Something Odd

Working in a used bookstore in a small town, we never get the newer books on my wishlist. So what do I do with the free books I earn? I get books I’ll probably never get to and take up room on my bookshelf that could go to books I just ordered. I know I should probably go though them and weed some out, but then I start thinking ‘What if I want to read this someday? I’ll have to pay for it or get it from the library. And what if it’s my next favorite book and I just have to give it a chance? Better hang on to it.’ The struggle is real, bros.

5. Fellow bookworms comparing books to movies

It's Like...Don't Do That

I’ve never been a big fan of comparing books and their movies because I KNOW I will never be happy with it. And sometimes, the movies do a better job of portraying something (Harry and Hermione’s friendship with that dance in the 7.1 movie? Loved it! Draco’s slow breakdown in HBP?! Tom Felton will never cease to be my hero!!). I’m not still mad that Dumbledore didn’t ask Harry about the Goblet of Fire calmly, I’m not sobbing over the fact that SPEW wasn’t involved, though it would have been nice. Of course, it would be amazing if everything was consistent (ahem, Hermione taking over all of Ron/everyone’s lines and personality, ahem), but that leads to an unhappy life.

That doesn’t mean I’m not angry about Percy Jackson, though. Such rage.

6. Being the first to read a book and having no one to talk to about it

Everything Hurts And I'm Dying

Or the flip side, being the last to read it and everyone having already moved on (Allegiant, I’m looking at you).

7. No book clubs for your age/genre in your area

I'll Just Wait Here

How spoiled I was last year when my school had a book club! Why did I leave? WHY DID LIFE CHANGE?!

8. ‘Don’t you have enough books already?’

Bitch Please Harry

‘Haven’t you killed enough brain cells already?’

9. ‘You’re a book blogger? Is that like…for the library or something?’

Ummm Office Look

This is when I look into a camera like I’m on the Office.

10. Having a pinterest board full of book rec lists, screenshots of interesting books on instagram, an inbox full of goodreads/amazon/bookshout/bookbub emails with book recs, saved blog posts with books to look at…and needing to go through them all so you can add them to a wishlist that already has 500+ books.

I know It's A Problem

Seriously, I’m fine.

Let me know your bookish problems in the comments below!



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