What’s Up Wednesday 2.18.15

What's Up Wednesday

Hey y’all! How have you been over the week? I was going to take this week off and not have a specific to do list, but this has been one of my most productive weeks ever, blog wise. I’ve queued up posts over the next couple of weeks, added lots of reviews, and even make blog headers for all the features I do! I’m really excited about those, so keep an eye out for them over the next few days.

I haven’t been reading much the last couple of weeks, and that’s due to my reading challenge. I know I could take a break from it because my sister hasn’t even started on it, but I’ve been making awesome progress and I don’t want to let it stay over my head or I’ll never get back to it. I’m reading my book written by someone younger than 30 when they wrote it, Pledged by Alexandra Robbins. But I’m not really a nonfiction girl, and the style of it throws me off. So if anyone has a suggestion for a book written by someone younger than 30 years old, PLEASE let me know!!

I’ve been cleaning my room every night, and with every step I breathe easier. I feel sick when things are cluttered, and I’m trying to stay on top of staying organized.

Speaking of feeling better, the last two weeks I’ve been playing Just Dance 2 every week night and I’m loving it! I feel better and am already seeing a tiny hint of results. Since I really have no other cardio in my life, this is a big improvement. I keep telling myself that in six months, I’ll be so so happy I started now. Sometimes I have to really push myself to not head straight to bed, but I know it’ll be worth it in the long run.

This weekend, I get to go to San Angelo and see some of my favorite people!! I’m going to hang out with my bestie and work bestie, as well as hopefully catch up to some other school friends. We’re going to try and dye Katie’s hair bright purple, so wish us luck!!

What I’m Reading: Nothing at the moment, though Pledged is looking at me expectantly.

What I’m Watching: Hart of Dixie

What I’m Doing: Straightening up and being productive

 2015-02-18 10.58.27

Tell me in the comments what you’re up to this week! What’s new, y’all?



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