Favorite Things Friday 3.06.15

Favorite Things Friday

Another week, another 7 days of happiness. Thanks to my favorites this week, it’s been an exciting time of campaigning, counting down, and crafting. Here’s why:

1. The ‘Women on 20s’ campaign!

Not long ago, a brilliant young lady wrote to President Obama, asking him why there aren’t any women on our currency. She even included a list of deserving women to get the ball rolling. He said it was a pretty good idea. I agree, Mr. President. Now there’s a full-fledged organization dedicated to making this happen by 2020, the anniversary of women convincing the government to protect their right to vote. You can find out more information here, and even vote for your top three trailblazers to grace our currency (I voted for Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth, and long time personal favorite, Harriet Tubman).

2. The season 1 premiere of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt ❤

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt logo.png

This should come as so surprise to you, but I am SO EXITED FOR THIS SERIES. I adore Ellie Kemper, and this show looks to be a new favorite. It is finally available to stream on Netflix TODAY, so you now have weekend plans if you can’t make it to…

3. North Texas Teen Book Festival!! 

IT’S TOMORROW!!! I cannot wait to go to my very first big book event and get the chance to hear these brilliant authors speak. I’ll be getting things signed by a few favorites: Jenny Han, Stephanie Perkins, and Jennifer E. Smith! Not to mention Adi Alsaid, Lauren Myracle, and a bajillion more. I’m a more than a bit bummed that I’m too old for the book speed dating event, but I understand. I guess. More than making up for that though, is the chance to catch up with two of my favorite bookworms, Amanda from ‘Of Spectacles and Books’ and her sister, Addison! It’s going to be an amazing event and I promise to document as much of it as possible.

4. Redecorating and Crafting ❤ ❤ ❤

2015-03-01 23.04.55

Anyone who knows me is well aware of how clutter drives me nuts. It seriously makes me feel like I have a cold: I’m grumpy, I don’t feel healthy, and I can’t sleep. But this week I’ve been cleaning like crazy while redecorating my room. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of childish stuff (So long, glittery top hat. See you later, cheap sheer blue curtains that serve no purpose.) and established a rule. Everything I add or make must be a yes to this question: Would I want this in my dream apartment? I’ve made myself go through my Apartment board on Pinterest and work on that stuff instead of playing with craft stuff for funsies. As a result, I’m completely in love with my room, and I can’t wait to do more work on it.

Let me know: What are your favorites this week? What made you smile? What has brightened up your day in the midst of this dreadful weather?



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