Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Characters I’d Like to Catch Up With

Top Ten Tuesday

As always, Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the marvelous maids at The Broke and The Bookish!

This week’s topic honors those characters that you wish you would see how they’re doing. If only you could meet up for coffee and see what they’re up to, how the family is doing, how they’re feeling. These are the characters that you can’t get enough of, the ones that you didn’t get closure on, or you just plain love reading about them. It was so hard to narrow down this list, and I’m sure if this was asked again, half of the list would be different.

Draco Malfoy

Is anyone really surprised? I love Draco so much, and I want to know everything about him and his life. I want to know if I’m correct in thinking his actual favorite color is either a light blue or deep navy. I want to know if he chose to marry Astoria, if she’s good for him, how much he loves his son, and if he’s been the father he’s always wanted. I just need more Draco in my life.

Allyson and Willem

At the end of Just One Night, Allyson and Willem have a happy, if not vague, ending. I want to see what other adventures they go on, what friends they meet in new lands. I want to see Willem meeting Allyson’s parents and see how they react to him. I want to see Willem successful at a single theatre, and how long it takes for him to feel the need to get lost in a new place again. I just need everything from these two!

Cather Avery

Ah, Cath. I will never not be upset that Fangirl is a standalone book. Every aspect of this book is so strong, from the complicated dynamic characters to the inserts of imagined books and the fanfiction they inspire. I want Cath, with her unforgettable voice, to tell me how things are going with Levi, if she’s written any more original work or fic, to rant about how her sister keeps trying to trick Levi into thinking they’ve switched places!!

Lola Nolan

When I first finished Anna and the French Kiss, I was so excited to read the teaser of Lola and the Boy Next Door that followed the acknowledgements. But immediately, I hated Lola. I thought she was one of those people that try to be different for the sake of being different instead of just being themselves. She seemed whiny, attention-seeking, and immature. But after I gave her a second chance and finished the series, I loved her. Hers is my favorite book of the trilogy because she’s just SO true to herself! She tries to change and realizes that she just can’t be someone she’s not and I think that’s such an important role model to have. I want to see the clothes she’s made since the ending, and I want to see if she’s started designing men’s clothes so she can make even cooler pants for Cricket to wear. I just love her, and I want to make sure she’s living her life to her amazing extremes.

Samantha Reed

If ever there was a book that made me swoon, it was My Life Next Door. Augh! These characters are so vivid and fun, I want to reread it every time I glance past its spine on my shelves. I would love to see how Samantha balances her life as it continues, and how she keeps growing into herself instead of the perfect daughter her parents want.

Neville Longbottom

Neville Longbottom is a lot like Draco in that I want to see how he’s adjusted to life after the war. But I want to see if he’s gotten the recognition he deserves, I want to see him visiting his parents and if they are ever healed. I want to see him falling in love and courting his wife. I want to see how excited he gets when he finds out he’ll be teaching at Hogwarts. I want to see him start a family and name his children better than flippin’ Harry Potter did. I want to see Neville as he deserves to be: completely and utterly happy.

Poppet and Widget

Poppet and Widget belong to one of the most gorgeous books I have ever had the privilege to read: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. The ending of the book takes some thinking to understand, and I need to see how the world around the circus is affected by it. I don’t want to say too much because it’s a book everyone needs to read without knowing too much about, but these two are high on my list of ‘GIVE ME MORE NARRATIVE PLEASE’.

Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy

Has there ever been a more swoon-worthy couple than Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy? I don’t think so. (But if there is, let me know ASAP!!) These two have inspired tons of books and stories continuing their stories, but I’d like to know what truly happens. As soon as long-gone authors figure out how to write more, I’d like to request Pride and Prejudice 2: Swoons and Sarcasm. Thanks, JA!

Victoria Jones

This book is seriously required reading for anyone that loves spring, flowers, or being happy at all. I will never have enough of this amazing protagonist that shows how amazing things come from every walk of life. Victoria, you’re my hero. ❤

Ella of Frell

Ella of Ella Enchanted is seriously the coolest middle grade lit protagonist ever. She loves animals, she speaks all of the languages in the realm, she doesn’t change who she is for anyone, and she doesn’t let a curse bring her down or control her, even though that’s exactly what it’s supposed to do. Ella is the most BA chick to have ever BA’ed, and I will make sure every child I ever babysit/raise reads this book. #SorryNotSorry

So those are my picks for this week! Let me know: do we have any of the same characters? Do you have any headcanons you need to share? What are your characters to catch up with one day?



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