Top Ten Tuesday: Couples I Don’t Ship

Top Ten Tuesday

As always, T10T is hosted by the cool cats over at The Broke and The Bookish!

This is a freebie week, and since I’ve been seeing a lot of these on tumblr lately, I thought I’d talk about the couples I don’t really see as being good together. DISCLAIMER: Ship whatever you want! There is no ship hate here. Just my preference. Also, feel free to make your arguments in the comments; I’ve come around to a few couples just from exposure and people convincing me there’s some good reasoning behind them (I’m looking at you, Dramione).

Agatha and Tedros

Typically, I love couples that start out hating each other. And maybe this would change if I was going to finish the series. But I don’t feel any inclination to do so and so this couple will never hit just right for me. Part of it is because I think the whole concept of the book is flawed (Seriously, Sophie acted JUST LIKE all the other princesses, but somehow she’s the only evil one? Whatever.) and without some serious fine-tuning, I’m not going to be okay with any aspect of it, especially the main couple that seems thrown together for the sake of a (predictable) twist.

America and Aspen

Wow, I hate Aspen SO MUCH. I don’t see how he can claim to love America so completely and still think that this independent woman should be dependent on him. WTF?! Not an ounce of me ships it and never will. I hate him so much.

Charlotte and Mr. Collins

No one can tell me that Mary and Mr. Collins were not made for each other! They would be simpering and high and mighty together! Charlotte deserved so much more than a marriage of convenience and so did Mr. Collins. I think Darcy should have let Lizzie hook up Charlotte and Colonel Fitzwilliam because they are both so practical yet fun and then Lizzie and Charlotte could hang out all the time with Jane and the fearsome threesome would never have to part. But maybe that’s just me.

Draco and Astoria

Draco, my dearest, why must you continue to suffer at the hands of an author that does nothing but use you as a vent for her bitterness? I’ll get into this with Neville in a little bit as well, but JKR seems to just throw people together at the end just to tie up loose ends with absolutely no history. As someone that stays in the potter world and says all the time how she loves and owes everything to her fans, she sure loves to skimp on the things she knows we want. Astoria is NEVER mentioned in the books, only a couple name drops of her older sister Daphne. But we’re supposed to be content because at least Draco is married. But was the marriage arranged? Does he actually love her? Is she good for him? Does she inspire him to be a better person? Are they good parents? Was Scorpius planned? Or just conceived so there was a Malfoy heir? Is it a loveless marriage or a joyful, loving one? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS and she’ll never answer them because she hates Draco and his fans.

Gatsby and Daisy

Oh, Gatsby. Oh, Daisy. I feel like this is the more contemporary version of the high school freshman that thinks Romeo and Juliet is a perfect love story with no irony or satire or anything. An amazing story, of course. But Gatsby puts Daisy on an impossible pedestal that no one can live up to, let alone a woman as smart as Daisy (seriously, how can anyone read the beautiful fool quote and NOT think that Daisy is totally aware of her position and how precarious it is?! She’s the Sansa Stark of the 1920’s). While I wish Daisy had divorced Tom and taken her child away to a life of independence, it just wasn’t realistic for the time period and it would only work out because it’s a work of fiction.

Josh and Rashmi

Obviously, this couple doesn’t last. But man, did anyone expect them to stay together? Is sex the only reason they hooked up in the first place? Terrible pairing. Just terrible.

Minuette and Will

Minuette and Dominic forever! William, though I love him, is a spoiled king that can’t imagine someone not loving him. Even though that’s exactly the case. Silly Will. Though also, stupid Min for not being honest that second and saving everyone a loooooot of heartache.

Neville and Hannah

Same as Draco and Astoria above. Just slapped together. WTF, JKR?!

Neville and Luna

Part of this is due to my absolute love of Neville and absolute hate of Luna, but this is the dumbest coupling ever. Neville has always wanted to just fit in and have the respect of his peers and Luna doesn’t care AT ALL (pretty much her only redeemable quality, imho). She would think he’s ridiculous and he would be embarrassed all the time by her. Friends, totally! I love that! But as a couple, bells no.

Peter and Wendy

Wendy is like many little girls in that she wants adventure, but she also wants it to be tied up neatly in the end with a wedding dress and happily ever after…which is the exact opposite of what makes Peter who he is. Never gonna work out, friends only, no thanks.

What couples do you think wouldn’t work together? Do we have any in common? Is one of your OTP’s on this list? What are your reasons for either? Let me know in the comments!



2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Couples I Don’t Ship

  1. I think there was an explanation from J.K. Rowling about Astoria not wanting to raise Scorpius in a muggle-hating environment. Either way I only ship Dcaro with myself. xD I don’t really have or ever had any OTPs. My brain works in a weird way. Whenever I find a ship-worthy character, it goes “I like this one, he is mine”.


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