Bookworm Quirks: Summary Keywords, or, How to Get Me to Read Your Book (in Ten Words or Less)

Summary Keywords

We all have those certain words that catch our eye when skimming a synopsis. Chances are, the moment you see these key words, your chances of buying/reading that book go up at least double. Here are a few of mine:

Tudor/Anne Boleyn/Henry VIII/court

I love these, you guys. I have so many books about this time period and I will NEVER HAVE ENOUGH. So fascinating!!

Coffee shop/Library/Bookstore

If a significant part of your book takes place in any of these locations, sign me up right now. These are also my favorite fanfic AUs, by the way. Obviously.


I LOVE BOOKS WITH DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES. Tease was from the bully’s POV, A Little Something Different was from FOURTEEN different viewpoints, none of which were the actual couple. Almost every Ellen Hopkins book has multiple perspectives. I love these so much!

Artist/Writer/Creative occupations or hobbies

I love seeing characters that pursue their dreams! A Mad, Wicked Folly followed a young female artist that just wanted to learn, Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares featured two people that loved words, and don’t even get me started on characters that act. I love seeing this because it inspires me to do the things I love and these characters foster creativity in younger minds.


I LOVE PIRATES. Captain Hook is one of those characters I will always want to read adaptations of, and I need more YA with female pirates. GET ON IT, AUTHORS!!

Adaptations of Pride and Prejudice or Peter Pan

Who doesn’t want to read new versions of their favorite stories?

Sound off in the comments: What are your keywords? Do we have any in common? Let me know!



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