Bookworm Quirks: 2016 PopSugar Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge

During 2015, I competed against my sister in the 2015 PopSugar Reading Challenge, and it was so much fun! The loser had to buy the winner a book, so it was a great incentive. I had tons more time to read then, so I finished pretty quickly. We allowed each other to use one book for multiple categories (Ethan Frome, for example, was my choice for a book I should have read in high school, a Pulitzer Prize winner, and a book I could finish in a day). I finished in March with 28 books, which ended up being most of the reading I did last year. Boo!

So this year I’m finishing the challenge alone because evidently new moms have less time? That’s cool too I guess. Here are the books I’m planning on using, though they will probably change by the time I finish.

Based on a fairy tale: Cinder

National Book Award winner: Challenger Deep 

YA best seller: Eleanor and Park

Haven’t read since high school: Book Thief

Set in home state: Isaac’s Storm

Translated to English: Anna Karenina 

Set in future: Fahrenheit 451

Under 150 pages: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

NYT Best Seller: Eleanor and Park

Becoming a movie this year: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Recommended by someone just met: TBD

Self-Improvement book: Skankology

Can finish in a day:  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Written by a celebrity: Why Not Me?

Political Memoir: Why Not Me?

At least 100 years older than me: Anna Karenina

600+ pages: A Song of Ice and Fire

Oprah’s book club: Anna Karenina

Sci-Fi: Fahrenheit 451

Recommended by family member: TBD

Graphic Novel: Sorcerers and Secretaries, Vol 2

Published in 2016: The Siren

Protagonist with your occupation: The Wedding Planner’s Daughter

Takes place during summer: Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour

Book and its prequel: Second Position/Turning Pointe 

Murder Mystery: Dear Killer

Written by a comedian: Why Not Me?

Dystopian: Cinder

Blue cover: Challenger Deep

Poetry: Chasers of the Light

First book seen in a bookstore: TBD

20th century classic: Fahrenheit 451

Book from library: Anna Karenina or Challenger Deep

Autobiography: Why Not Me?

Road trip: Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour

Culture unfamiliar to me: Why Not Me? or Anna Karenina

Satire: Skankology

Island setting: Bright Young Things

Guaranteed to bring you joy: TBD

Some of these are a bit of a stretch, like Skankology being a self-help book, or Bright Young Things being an ‘island setting’. Manhattan counts, right?

Sound off in the comments: Are you doing this challenge? What books are you using? Do you have any suggestions for me? Let me know!



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