Top of the Week 1.13.2014

I haven’t posted much since the inception of this blog because I’ve been getting everything ready for my 6th semester of college. I’m feeling pretty good about this one, and I’m ready to see how it goes.┬áBut here’s the top of the week for the one I missed.

1. Firefly the TV series/Adam Baldwin

I’ve been told by basically everyone in the ‘verse that I have to watch this show. But as it combines sci-fi and western, my two least favorite genres, I wasn’t too thrilled. Yesterday I decided to take the plunge and I haven’t looked back. At only 14 episodes and a movie, it doesn’t take long to watch at all. It’s definitely a very entertaining watch. After I finish typing this out, I’m watching the movie. I really enjoyed the series. Part of this is the handsome Nathan Fillion, known to me as Captain Hammer. Also the pilot Wash, or Steve the Pirate or Watt/Fowlehurst. Love these actors. But the main happiness was found in Adam Baldwin, the actor that brings Jayne Cobb to the screen. He was first shown to me in Chuck as the NSA super agent, John Casey. Casey is the big brother I always wanted, and his exit at the end of Chuck had me sobbing (Okay, really everything at the end of Chuck had me sobbing. But I told myself no more sadness after I cried for half an hour once those credits rolled the last time). I thought I would never see my darling John Casey again, which is idiotic since he is an actor and has been in more than one thing. Geez, self. But he popped up on my screen and I don’t know the last time I smiled so brightly at show. It really brought an extra layer of incentive to get into the show.

2. Dog Eared Books in Weatherford, TX

One of the many joys I share with my sister is the love of books. And this month, she got to make a lifelong dream come true: she bought a bookstore. As an avid dog lover and volunteer at a Parker Paws, she renamed Pop’s Used Books to Dog Eared Books, led by the store mascot Deb (D.E.B., get it?) She just got the website up yesterday and I can’t wait to go home during my first break and see what’s she’s made of the little storefront I’ll get to work at during summers and winters. This is something she’s always wanted to do and I am so happy God put this opportunity out for her. Yay Sis! You can see her website at

3. Best Friends

Of course, with school starting back up, I get to see my friends again. I have really missed our little rag-tag group of friends and our random hangouts. Saturday we played board games until we were about to pass out and I suddenly wondered how I got through an entire month without their silly antics. I’m really sad that I’ll have to say goodbye to all but three of them once this semester ends as some graduate and some transfer to other schools. But I was really blessed to have this year with them, and it was awesome to catch up over some friendly competition for a while.

There’s the top of the week! This post series is really helping me look at the positives in my life, and that is something I can always use. Haha. Tune in this week for (hopefully) a book review and a post explaining my favorite of organization strategies- my planner.




Top of the Week: 1.3.2014

This is the first of my weekly favorite things series. I’m not claiming to be Oprah or even entertain the thought of anyone caring, this is just a thing to do.

So for the first week of 2014, let’s go!

#1. Sweet tea.

The town I go to school in has disgusting water. Therefore, the tea made with it is disgusting. And since I come from a town that is named for its water, I’m a bit tea-spoiled to begin with. So when I go home, I consume gallons of the stuff. Now that a new semester is looming, I’m grasping at every sip I can get.

#2. CassJayTuck

Cassidy Jay Tuck is a youtuber that posts book, movie, and trailer reviews/reactions as well as blogs. I adore her. I spent a good two hours between typing this post by watching random videos of hers. Productivity, who needs ya? She’s smart, articulate, entertaining, and so very watchable. It feels more like a conversation with a friend than a book review. Just…I cannot love her enough. Brilliant.

#3. Snoopy’s Candy Town

This is a free app on my iPod Touch that I immediately got addicted to playing. If you play it the way I started, it feels incredibly fast-paced. I thought that there were levels in the way that other games of this sort have them: You have a certain block of time to please a certain number of customers. Instead, it’s more of a constant line of customers while you level up in experience. It’s important to know this before you start, because it’s not explained. But it’s just a fun, kill some time game. Or for me, a fun, avoid responsibilities game. Whatevs.

That’s all for this week! Check in January 10th for the next Top of The Week!


New Year, New Ideas

Recently I’ve begun putting together a planner for the new year, and it came to my attention that I’m fairly good at keeping things neat – when I don’t let life and Netflix keep me from cleaning. After encouragement from family, I decided to start this blog and maybe a few other online accounts under the name Booky Bunny to hopefully help others (and myself) keep life in check. I’ll have organization tips, craft tutorials, posts about mail, a collection of favorite things, and of course, book reviews. A few categories may be added as life goes on and this blog grows.

So whether I have readers or not, here goes! 2014, let’s get started.